Are you guys still looking for people to help with animating?


I keep getting this question a lot so I’m going to answer every one who has sent this in: if you are interested in animating, send your portfolio to - Allison, our Producer, will look at your work. Be advised, we have a pretty solid crew right now so your flash puppet animation skills will have to be extra impressive.

Hey! I'm really interested in Flash animation, myself and am currently trying to create my first full color animation. I just wanted to know if you had any tips on making it as smooth a process as possible. I've restarted it twice already. Like, do you create all your frames in Illustrator/Photoshop first then just put them all into flash for animating? Or do you create puppets and animate those? Keep up the greatness!

Thanks so much for the questions! True Tail utilizes puppet animation in Adobe Flash - but traditional or puppet, the art of animation takes a lot of patience and practice. We can’t share our animation process, but if you are interested you can check out this flash animation tutorial series by our Director Zachary Rich on his personal You Tube! We also highly recommend reading books on animation and practicing drawing every day! 

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